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J Mancarella Jewelry

Jewelry Restyling & Redesigning

Jewelry Restyling & Redesigning

If you have old jewelry, gemstones or diamonds gathering dust due to their dated aesthetics, bring it in! We specialize in redesigning and restyling heirloom, antique and aged jewelry to breathe new life into it, while maintaining the sentimental aspects of it! We are able to work with all budgets, and can incorporate client’s gold and silver, depending on a variety of factors. 

Please note that the minimum for all custom, redesigned and restyled jewelry is $300 before taxes. 

We reserve the right to refuse working on any gold, diamonds, gemstones or other materials for any reason, as it is up to our own discretion.  


Cancellation Policy:

Please give at least 24 hours notice prior to cancelling an appointment.

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